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Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology App for iPhone and iPad

Application for iOS devices.
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This App guides you step by step to the Secrets of the Chinese Astrology. Analyzes in such a way all the secrets Characteristics and Qualities of your Sign.

-Unlock yourself the Secrets that are hidden behind your Sign-.

This Application Includes:

Find the Birth Day Lucky Element and the Day Master Element
The Day Lucky Element
The Day Master Element

Introduction to Chinese Astrology
The Gods Who Created Chinese Astrology
The Moon in Chinese Astrology
The Phases of the Moon
The Chinese New Year
The Chinese Lunar Calendar
The 60 Year Cycle
The Five Universal Elements
Find Your Universal Element
Sign Element Combinations
The Animals of the Chinese Zodiac
Find your Secret Sign
Zodiac Compatibility
Lucky Chinese Horoscope Gem Stones
Chinese Astrology and Precious Flowers
Chinese Astrology and Ancient Symbols
Chinese Astrology and Magic Numbers
Ancient Chinese Birth Chart Calculator
Ba Zi - Four Pillars Chart
Find the Longitude and the Time Zone (DST) for any place on Earth.