Yi Jing - (I-Ching)

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I-Ching Professional leads you step by step to the secrets of Yi Jing, by analyzing in an understandable way, the calculating and learning of this magical art.

In this application all the three methods (Yarrow Sticks, Coin Method and Six Wands), are presented so as to choose which one of them is more suitable for you.

~Let I-Ching help you analyze your destiny!~

This Application Includes:

History of I-Ching

Introduction to I-Ching

Learning Methods of I-Ching :
- The Yarrow Sticks Method
- The Coin Method
- The Six Wands Method

How to choose the Chinese Coins for Divination.

Complete Analysis of 64 Hexagrams:
- Analysis of each line of the Hexagram
- The Judgment - The Image - The Lines - Object and Subject - Eight Palaces 64 Gua - Flying Spirit and Hiding Spirit.
Yin and Yang.

Eight Trigrams:
- Full analysis of the Eight Trigrams.

Hexagram Calculation:
- Calculation of the birthday Hexagrams of a person, or any date you want.