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The Feng Shui Professional Calculator is an essential useful, a "must have" tool for Professionals Feng Shui Practitioners, but also useful for the beginners.

This Application Includes:

* Flying Stars Chart:
Calculation of the Flying Stars of the house or building with the option if you want to use Replacement Stars.

* Ba Zhai Chart:

* Annual and Monthly Flying Stars:
Calculate Annual and Monthly Flying Stars.

* Ming Gua - Life Gua:
Find your Ming Gua and your favourite or less favourite Directions.

* Nine Star Ki Astrology:

* Ba Zi - Four Pillars Chart:
Precise and easy calculation of the Four Pillars of a person or any date you want.

* Hexagrams Natal Chart:
Calculation of the birthday Hexagrams of a person, or any date you want.

* Chinese New Year Calculator

* Lu Ban - The Feng Shui Ruler
- Biografy of Lu Ban
- How to use a Lu Ban
- Feng Shui Ruler

* Find the Longitude and the Time Zone (DST) for any place on Earth.